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Sat 12 Jun 2021

About us

Mendip School provides personalised and vital education and care for young people with additional needs. 

We need your help so we can build a new pool for the school and to be able to offer this as a wonderful resource to the the community.

When the school was built there was not funding in place to include a swimming pool. We now have in place an outline plan with costings to build the pool. For pupils attending our school swimming is an essential skill to provide access to community facilities, lifelong health and wellbeing skills and for personal safely. 

Ideally all pupils at Mendip School will access swimming once a week throughout the year and this will only be possible by having a swimming pool on site. Pupils who access a life skills curriculum and those with mobility and occupational therapy needs would make much greater progress if they were able to access swimming more frequently. 

We would also be able to offer further skill development through life saving lessons, canoeing, aqua fit etc.  This would broaden our curriculum offer and enable us to better prepare pupils for their future.

We hope to also be able to open the pool to the community with local schools and community groups already having communicated an interest in hiring the facilities. We already have a café on site which attracts members of the public, provides support to families and provides training opportunities to our pupils and other young people with additional needs.  With the addition of a community swimming pool we would be able to fulfil the site’s potential as a community hub. 

Thank you for your support and good luck!

Yours sincerely,

Lucy Beattie

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